Site of the Month Award - List

Here is a list of the websites which were awarded with the Site of The Month Award at BellaOnline:

May 03: Diaspora Polska

June 03: Go Poland

July 03: The Museum of Dark Ages of Communism in Poland

August 03: Polish Countryside & Cottages in Photography

September 03: Cracow-Life Guide

October 03: Polish Folk Costumes, by Majka

November 03: Andzia's Amber - Baltic Amber, Jewelry and Beads

December 03: Polish Christmas Traditions

January 04: Warsaw in Photographs after World War II - this site is removed

February 04: The Wooden Puppet Program (Pajacyk)

March 04: Polish-American Liturgical Center - this site is removed

April 04: Eastern Europe for Visitors

May 04: Chernobyl - Biking through the Dead Zone

June 04: Learn Polish, by Grzegorz Jagodzinski

July 04:

August 04: Warsaw Uprising

September 04: Polish National Parks- this site is removed

October 04: Okana's Web

November 04: Nancy's Photo Album with Images of Poland

December 04: "Polish Things" with Christmas carols (koledy) by Leon Konieczny

January 05: Poland & War World II through Stamps

February 05: Pilsudski Institute

March 05: 16th & 17th Century Polish Dress

April 05: Old Polish Literature Online

May 05: Poland in your pocket

June 05: Debbie's Polish Family Website

July 05: Polish Castles

August 05: My Grandma's Old Polish Recipes

We congratulate all the recipients!

Learn the history of Polish in WWII and their great impact. If you are interested in researching more about American history, is the place.

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