EU as liberal & socialistic supercountry? (V)

This article is a finalization of a discussion about potential problems caused by joining European Union for Poland. In the previous articles we were writing about Problems in Polish Agriculture, and a Risk of Poland being in European Backyard. We were also talking about fear of sellout of Polish land to foreigners.
Below, more arguments of Euro-skeptics:

EU stands above the local government. It dictates the law for each member-country. It also creates a huge bureaucracy, people who sit in their offices in Brussels and are convinced that they know the best what is good for the foreign country that they never even made an attempt to visit. The Euro-skeptics are afraid that this European Union's super-government would be something like a Soviet Union in the past for the satellite countries of Eastern Europe. It will dictate the member-countries what they should do. It is a first experiment of this kind in the world - such a close union of different countries. The future of the EU is not known by everybody now since this is such a new experiment, we do not know whether EU would became a super-country or looser union of independent countries. If we would join the European Union, there is no way back. The EU will have its own military force that will prevent any attempt to leave the EU, according to the Euro-skeptics. The citizens of all EU countries can accuse their own countries in international courts. This will also lead to the weakening and loss of sovereignty as a final effect.

EU PROMOTES LIBERALISM. It promotes abortion (there was also a pressure from EU trying to change Polish anti-abortion law as too strict for EU requirements). It promotes homosexual marriages and sexual freedom (through the system of taxes which gives benefits to single parents and non-married couples rather than the families) thus it is anti-family oriented. The social selfishness would lead to the atomization of the societies rather than to finding the ideological basis for creating healthy morally societies. EU presents laic and anti-Christian outlook at the world that can destroy Polish deep religious roots and Polish Catholic Church. There is no any one strong ideology in the name of which people will be willing to devote their activities and lives. The only EU ideological basis is a drive for profit and money. The EU foreign policy dominated by France and Germany is anti-American.

EU PROMOTES SOCIALISM. The EU is a socialistic creature, not democratic one. Bureaucrats from Brussels prefer to keep re-distributive system that does not promote individual enterprise. EU is pressuring neighboring countries to unify their tax systems, insurance and social systems as well. People are nominated for high positions in EU rather than chosen in free elections by other people (like in the American system). It may lead to corruption and protectionism.

THERE IS AN ASYMMETRY IN MUTUAL RELATIONS. Polish market is already fully penetrated by Union but the EU is still protecting its own interests. Poland is open to EU but EU is still limiting Polish access to the EU countries markets. Poland is already economically dependable from EU to such degree that there will be very difficult to leave these bonds even if people in the national referendum would say NO.

The list of arguments of Euro-Skeptics is long. I mentioned just the most important ones. I need to stress again that the views presented in these articles do not necessary represent my own personal views. If you are tired to hear only the arguments of Euro-skeptics please look at the Potential Benefits of European Union for Poland.
Check what Poles think about EU a year after joining it.

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, 9 February 2003 (article #82)

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