Joining European Union, List of Benefits (II)

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Benefits of joining European Union

Participation in creating of United Europe; Polish representation in EU Institutions; Increase of the stability of democratic system and safety of the state. No boundaries among all EU countries, no passwords or visas necessary, easy travelling, possibility to move to any member country and find a job everywhere in a membership country (free transfer of persons). This would lead also to the tightening of the cultural bonds with the rest of Europe.

Free transfer of goods, freedom to provide services, free transfer of capital;
Unification of economical laws in all EU countries. In more detail: the EU economy would open the EU borders into Polish products and our market would open to the products of other European countries. This should lead to more competitive market and lowering the prices. The common currency, Euro, will be enforced. It would protect us against the hyperinflation and instability on the monetary market, in banks and saving accounts.
Change of the structure of the farms from many small farms to less bigger farms with better equipment and efficiency. Increase of the specialization in the farming. Our farmers would participate in a system of subvention, the same that benefits the Western European farmers.

Poland will approach European standards in the aspect of the safety of its citizens, job safety, health, education, information and the higher quality of life in the general aspect. Polish students could participate in the educational programs which give stipends for studying abroad. Children of people who would be working abroad would be able to attend local schools. But they would also be encouraged to develop their knowledge about their country of origin.

Poland will implement European ecological norms that will improve the environment and the quality of the life of our society. The ecology-friendly technologies will be implemented as well as the most rational and effective use of rough materials and the energy.

In the following articles we will update you about the current situation of Poland and other EE countries and their possible accession to European Union. Read about deal in Copenhagen which was reached in December 2002. Read about potential disadvantages for Poland after joining EU.

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I recommend two books. One, written by Robert Kagan is entitled:
Of Paradise and Power: America Vs. Europe in the New World Order

Another interesting one was written by Hernando de Soto and is entitled:
The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, September 23, 2002, updated in January, 2003 (article #60)

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