Poland: Arguments pro and against Coalition with Eastern European Countries (III)

This article is a continuation of the debate about the place of the Poland in Europe. Please, read the previous part entitled Place of Poland in Europe, Three Main Concepts (II).

Arguments of the supporters of the union with Eastern Europe countries:

The natural integration with Western European countries would be impossible since these countries are in different level of economical development. These rich capitalistic countries will not treat us as equal partners. Instead they will try to take advantage of us. There will be Europe "A" - consisting from the rich countries of Western and Central Europe and Europe "B" - used as the cheap outlet market by rich countries that are not interested in the real development of the Eastern European countries.
We should collaborate rather with our neighbor countries - like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The collaboration in this direction is very natural. We are in the similar stage of development. We have common past and close cultural ties. We all should protect not only our common market from the aggressive policy of the rich countries of Western Europe but also our religion, our family life and our national identity. The Western countries can bring more problems to our society because they consist of very secular, non-religious, sometimes almost anti-religious societies.
The reconstruction and rebuilding of Polish economy is impossible without rebuilding of Polish national identity in the unity with the spiritual structure of the Polish nation as well as the Polish family and the spiritual growth of each Polish citizen. (Ref.1)

The main contra-arguments:

Do we really want to be stuck together with the same countries we were forcibly united for 50 years in Warsaw Pact and the Eastern European Common Market? Do THEY want to be united with us in the similar kind of political/economical union that actually led to the collapse of the socialism of the Soviet type? Does not seem to be more attractive and promising to develop collaboration with richer countries were the economy and the democracy are already proved? With the countries whose development was accelerated after they joined European Union? Do we want to be stuck in isolation from the West and the USA like in the past? The isolation which can hamper our development for next hundred of years? How realistic are the slogans of the danger to lose our national spirit and our religious beliefs? Are we not just haunted by some ghosts from the past? Will it not lead to the nationalistic and non-democratic state where in the name of the country, unity and patriotism the ideas of democracy and freedom would be buried? Besides, the union with the Western Europe does not negate the collaboration with the East in the frame of the united Europe.

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Prof. Bojarski about Poland's Future (in Polish).

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, August 29, 2002 (article #56)

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