Where do Poles live in the USA - Detroit and other Immigration Centers - III

Please read earlier articles about Poles who live in New York and Chicago. Here I will talk about Poles in Detroit, Michigan. I will also include some final remarks about Polish immigrants in the USA.

Poles were usually looking for jobs in industrial regions especially heavy industry centers so their bigger numbers can be found in industrial regions of Michigan or Pennsylvania. The third biggest conglomeration of Polish Americans is in Detroit, Michigan. The Polish district Hamtramck (Hamtramack) is on the Eastern side of town, in so called Canadian side along Joseph Campau street. Hamtramck does not only belong to Poles, also many African Americans and Latinos live there. It is rather an industrial district with many plants offering jobs but the value of property there is rather low. Hamtramck has some Polish shops as well as some restaurants that serve Polish and American food. It contains several Polish agencies (law, medical services) and also car repairs' shops here are owned by Poles. Polish funeral house and also Polish sausage plant established in 20-es are located also in Hamtrack and of course the Polish Church.

In spite of the fact that in Detroit reside at least 100 thousands Poles there is no any Polish daily newspaper in this town. Polish newspapers are published in Chicago and New York. They represent quite different groups of Polish immigration and are directed to different readers. Chicago newspaper called Dziennik Zwiazkowy is supporting Edward Moskal's Polish American Congress. The Chicago newspaper is addressed mainly to Polish Americans of the older immigration. The newspaper from New York called Nowy Dziennik is directed towards more recent immigration and more educated and cosmopolitan Polish Americans. The Polish TV station, Tv Polonia, is available in the USA via cable or satellite.

The other bigger centers of Poles in America is Worcester and Springfield in Massachusetts; Maspeth, Ridgewood, Boro Park, Copiague and Riverhead in Long Island, Wallington, Passaic and Garfield in New Jersey; Sacramento, CA; Denver, CO; Seattle, Phoenix. Poles live in bigger numbers in towns and in the countrysite in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland and Texas and many other places. Some towns have local Polish radio-stations, Polish or Eastern European shops with Polish food and Polish churches. Check the list of Polish Roman Catholic Parishes in the USA.

How to recognize towns with Polish American population? Look for St. Stanislaus churches. Just like Irish have St. Patrick as their patron Poles have St. Stanislaus, a Polish saint as a Polish patron. Poles often were following other people of Eastern and Central European descends in their journey to America. The first Poles from Silesia came to Texas following German settlers in Central Texas. HERE is the article about their fascinating story. Poles, Slovaks, Russians and Jews mingled together quite often. Poles are present also among other exotic immigrants just like in takes place in Detroit. It is amazing how well Poles and other nationalities can coexist together here in America whereas their mutual history in Europe was sometimes so violent!

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written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, March 16, 2002 (article #49)

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