Żnin District Narrow Gauge Railway to Biskupin

Biskupin, the most famous archeological site in Central Europe, can be reached either by car or by narrow-gauge railway from Żnin. The narrow-gauge railway, 600 mm wide, was built in 1892/92 to transport agricultural products like sugar beets to the local sugar factory. It also took passengers.

The ordinary transport of people was suspended in 1962 since the railway was much slower than the bus communication. In 1972 the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum was established in Wenecja, one of the train station.The museum brought many tourists and the railway was reopen for tourists mainly. This railway is one of the main attractions on the Piast Route. The railway crosses two important Polish historical and geographical regions: Kuiavia-Pomerania and Great Poland with region of Paluki. Paluki (Pałuki) are visited by more than 300 thousand tourists per year - with valuable attractions in Biskupin, Wenecja, Znin, Gasawa etc.

There are several stations on the way from Znin to Gniezno. The passengers can get off and on and see the places of interests with the same ticket. The whole trip lasts about 4 hours. The total distance: ZNIN - RYDLEWO - BISKUPIN - ROGOWO is about 20 km (12.5 miles). Below are some photographs from the trip.

click at the image to see it slightly magnified


Locomotive again

The train has a variety of vagons

Inside the train

The first stop in wenecja (Venice)

Venice is a site of the Museum of Narrow-Gauge Railway

Water pump

Inside the museum

Front of the locomotive

The label of the locomotive's producer

Locomotive with Polish eagle

but it was manufactured in Germany, since the train was built when Paluki region belonged to Prussia

Train crossing signalization

Old telephone, with the warning sign: please, do not touch

Here is the main website of the Znin District Narrow Gauge Railway. My description of the railway was taken mainly from this website. The photos and some comments are thanks to Jerzy. Check a selection of the articles by Jerzy.

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