The Old Country - Photographs from the Archives of Richard Poremski

These photographs are from the archives of Richard Poremski taken during his trips to Poland in 1976 and 1978. They are currently being published in the Polish-American Journal.
The photographs show the scenes from lives of average people in Poland 30-40 years ago. We are planning to add more photos, so please, check our collection every month.

You can see a magnified picture by clicking inside the photo.

#13 A Friendly and Respectful Gesture
Child saluting, Zamosc, Poland, May 18 1976

#12 Attention! - Beware the Beasts of Prey!
Caged bear in the zoo, Zamosc, Poland, May 18 1976

#11 Making A Clean Sweep
Lady sweeping street with a twinge broom, Lezajsk, Poland, May 20 1976

#10 Old Town Square: "Art Class Alfresco"
Art student ink sketching on paper, Warsaw, Poland, May 16 1976

#9 Gently Coaxing Awake The Spring Fields
Man & woman working in field with hand tools, Dwikozy, Poland, May 19, 1976

#8 A Well-Served Drink On Krakowska Street
Young boy drinking water from well bucket, Poland, May 19, 1976

#7 Keeping Poland Beautiful
Beautician placing curlers in lady's hair - Łańcut, Poland, May 20, 1976

#6 Radishes for sale
Elderly lady selling radishes - Sandomierz, Poland, May 19, 1976

#5 On patrol and ever vigilant
Milicjant (Polish policeman) - Sandomierz, Poland, May 19, 1976

#4 Class Field Trip: "Testing Their Teachers Patience?"
Teacher sternly looking at students - Sandomierz, Poland, May 19, 1976

#3 A Transportation System in Transition
Man leading coal wagon pulled by two horses - Sandomierz, Poland, May 19, 1976

#2 Old Town Square "Queueing-up For Sunshine"
People sitting on a string of long benches - Warsaw, Poland, May 16, 1976

#1 Waiting At the Bus Stop (Of Life?)
Old man contemplating young girl, both sitting on same bench - Sandomierz, Poland, May 19, 1976

text and photographs by Richard P. Poremski, contact the author by e-mail
this article was published originally in Polish-American Journal
Washington, DC Bureau; April 2, 2007

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