Open letter to Polish immigrants and Poles abroad

I would like to kindly ask you to take part in the project named "Registration of Polish collections abroad" carried out by the Department of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. This enterprise has mainly scientific and documentary goals. Our objective is to gather information on actually existing Polish collections in order to preserve knowledge and memory of them, without any attempts to interfere in their property and organizational status.

Apart from the basic task of describing cultural goods being under permanent threats, the created database may be currently used by researchers and interested institutions, facilitating their studies and collaboration. We plan to issue a publication on the book collections of Polish immigrants in 2009.

The records include:
  • 1. Library collections of historical, cultural or bibliophilic value as well as an entity and the particular fragments or units, collected by Poles and institutions of Polish immigrants;
  • 2. Functional book collections and also reference collections of Polish immigrants;
  • 3. Other collections, e.g. archival, of museums, historical souvenirs.

    The most important source of knowledge on these collections are the questionnaires filled in by persons or institutions having information on this kind of resources or ready to offer help to protect them.

    Being deeply convinced that the undertaken actions have been right, I kindly ask you to fill in the registration questionnaires available on the Ministry website on the "Zbiory polskie za granica" (Polish collections abroad) page in Polish. Here is English Form of the Questionnaire. Even partial pieces of information and hints for further research will be much appreciated. The questionnaires may be filled in in any language. I will be grateful for every form of cooperation.

    Please send all correspondence to the following address: Departament do Spraw Polskiego Dziedzictwa Kulturowego za Granica, ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 15/17, 00-071 Warszawa, or by e-mail:

    For more information on the programme, please visit the website of the Ministry at - "Zbiory polskie za granica" (Polish collections abroad).

    Department Director

    Jacek Miler
    Warsaw, July 2007

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