Jurassic Park in Baltow - Poland

For all who are lovers of appetizing food there is delicious, grilled trout served in the park restaurant, and many other specialties of Polish cuisine. No dinosaur courses are served yet! An original park theme, having tidiness, beautiful landscaping and nice customer service, are always necessary ingredients for success and here indeed it works.

There are many texts written about how the park was invented but it is good to mention that the village of Baltow, located 123 miles south-east of Warsaw, was chosen for the dinosaurs' home not simply by chance. Just on this territory's surroundings of Swietokrzyskie Mountains there exist many dinosaur traces that have been discovered. Mrs. Halina Kisiel, vice-president of Delta Association, which built and still operate the park, said that everything began from the Devil's Foot, a rocky hill nearby, where Dr. Gerard Gierliński from the State Institute of Geology discovered a beast of Allosaurs traces, imprinted in the Jura era.

The opening of the Jurassic Park in Baltow has significantly improved the tourism value of the whole Swietokrzyski region and promoted Poland as an Eastern European country where such a kind of themed attraction can be found.

Recently, more attractions have been built around this spot. There is a 700 meter-long modern ski slope. A hotel is planned to be built in the old mill house facility. It is a must to have a nice hotel, as there is a whole area worth your staying longer than one day.

Very close to the park there is Kamienna River with its 4-kilometer long flow and rafting excursion. Passengers may get off their rafts just at the park gate's entrance! Due to its beautiful landscape the whole area is called Baltow Switzerland. Our village is located several kilometers to the northeast of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski and there are busses connecting these places. There is also a bus line between the cities of Kielce and Lipsko.

For those tourists who love horses there is a riding school nearby as part of the whole complex. Professional instructors give riding lessons to children and adults. There is a pony called Szuwarek (Bulrusher), a favorite horse for the youngest of the generation which is a must for every photo picture made here. "Big All" (the Allosaours), who stays nearby the paddock, is probably quite jealous because of this.

Colorful advertisements, located inside the park, invites visitors to another big attraction of the whole area - one of Europe's biggest complexes of flint mines, at Krzemionki near Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. It's a perfectly preserved ground landscape and underground structure. The mining field is located in an area of the Jurassic Upper Oxfordian limestone outcrop, in a syncline edge. There is an Archeological Museum and Reserve there.

The cost for the Baltow Jurassic Park was about 1 million US dollars and the EU Sapard Program was one of the source of its funding.

Mrs. Kisiel is really happy due to its increasing number of visitors, and also because the park gave employment to almost 80 people in the area where the unemployment rate is one the highest in Poland. Many other firms and peoples are employed part-time as well. The edu-tainment character of Baltow Jurassic Park was very important in the process for inventing it.

Development of other attractions are possible thanks to its increasing number of visitors. In 2005 the park was visited by 130,000 paying guests. Dinosaurs models, a park museum, a restaurant, and a horse paddock are all located on the 6-acre land and there are projects to develop the attractions even 4-times bigger area than this.



Rajnet Publishing, L.J. Rajchert, 16 June 2006

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