Krakow's Main Market Square Musicians

The Market Square and the Old Town in Krakow attract artists of all sorts. The most visible and especially the best heard are the musicians. The amateur and professional musicians play either as single or in the bands. Their instruments range from a simple recorder to a giant cello. Most of them hope to attract crowds and earn some money - the box which holds an instrument is usually led on the street with a clear intention to collect coins, sometimes "bigger" money - banknotes. I think money is important for them but there is still something more than just the money - namely, the audience. It is a sort of a challenge and a test for the artist attract successfully the attention of hundreds of people strolling in the Old Town by playing the music. The police and municipal guards do not intervene, everybody can try to play, provided they do not use electric sound system.

This band play Jewish music as a live advertisement of Jewish Culture Festival in Kazimierz - a district of Krakow. Read more about Kazimierz - Jewish district. (click inside the photograph to see it magnified)

This band dressed in traditional Krakow folk costumes play... traditional Polish folk music, of course. Read more about Polish folk costumes.

The band play all-button accordeons. They are probably from somewhere else - another Eastern or Oriental country.

This poor man in front of the poor townhouse plays very simple music on his recorder.

The boy plays quite pleasant classical music. Bach? Paganini? His outfit adds to an overall good impression.

Playing xylophone...

Again traditional costumes...

text and photographs by Jerzy. There is more information about Krakow in Jerzy's website

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