Trailing of The Sheep Festival in Central Idaho - Basques and the Shepherds from Peru

In the first part of the article we presented several photographs of Polish highlanders in the regional costumes, see it at Trailing of The Sheep Festival in Central Idaho with Polish Mountaineers.

Here we show a couple of more pictures of other ethnic groups present in Central Idaho. Basques are always represented in big numbers since quite many Basques live in Boise region. Basques first arrive in America with Columbus. More of them came later with Spanish colonists to South America. From there some left to California to search for gold. Eventually they ended up herding sheep in California, Nevada, Oregon and Southwestern Idaho. Here is the link to the official website of the festival: Trailing of the Sheep. Below are some photographs from 2006 festival.

click at the image to see it magnified

Beautiful Basque children

Basque shepherds from Boise area

People in Peru had sheep tending in their blood since Peru is a country full of mountains. No wonder that Peruvians were represented in the Festival in Central Idaho.

Shepherds from Peru with their national flag

The photos are thanks to Lila and Michal Szpakiewicz

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