Trailing of The Sheep Festival in Central Idaho with Polish Highlanders

Welcome to the Festival!
Come in the middle of October to Central Idaho. There is a beautiful sheep festival every year in two beautful towns, Ketchum and Hailey, located in the mountains of Central Idaho. Below are the photographs from the last festival in October 2006. Three different ethnic groups are included in this photographs: Polish highlanders who live now in Chicago, state Alberta and Vancouver, the descendants of Basques from Boise region and also the group of shepherds from Peru. Here is the link to the official website of the festival: Trailing of the Sheep if you would like to check the details. The festival started in 1997. Since this time it is celebrated every year in October. The sheep parade is down Main Street Ketchum. We start with the photographs that show Polish mountaineers.

click at the image to see it magnified

Trailing of the sheep from the mountains to the valley

This landscape reminds me of the Polish mountains

Another beautiful photograph of the sheep going down the valley for winter

Women from Polish mountains on the parade (goralki)

Highlanders on the parade (gorale) with the shepherd dog

Mountaineers- men in the folk costumes from the parade (gorale)

Polish shepherd dog on the parade

Mountaineers - men are dancing a typical dance for the Tatra region

Dances together - men and women

Mountaineers through generations - grandfather, father and a baby son

Mother and daughter in the folk costumes

Such a feather is typical on the highlander hat

The photos are thanks to Lila and Michal Szpakiewicz

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