The Palm Sunday (Niedziela Palmowa) in Poland

Palm Sunday niedziela palmowa is called also "The Sunday of the Lord's Passion niedziela meki Panskiej", "Willow Sunday" (niedziela wierzbowa), "Branch Sunday" (niedziela rozdzkowa) or "April Sunday" (niedziela kwietna) since it takes place usually in April. Read more about the unusual celebrations of this day in Poland in the article Palm Sunday Traditions in Poland - Easter Palms from Pussy Willows and other Customs . Below is a set of beautiful pictures done by our Polish correspondent from the celebration of Palm Sunday in 2007 in Krakow.

Carrying palms to the church

Street vendors offer palms

and gadgets and toys especially attractive to the kids

People are waiting in front of the church to have palms blessed

The procession of priests and altar boys carrying real palm leaves. Apparently some poor plants were forced to shed a few of its leaves..... What will environmentalists say to it?

Blessing palms with holy water

Children come close to the altar

During "Our Father who art in Heaven" the priest asks to raise the palms

Candies and sweets are a reward for children who made palms on their own, (with a little help of their parents).

Some smart guys want to cheat the priest showing very tiny palms...

...or nothing at all. The priest is merciful and they get one sweet while the rest the whole fistful.

Spring has definitely chased winter away.

text and photographs by Jerzy

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