Photographs from the Celebrations of the All Saints' Day in Katowice (Silesia) Poland

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Here are just a couple of photographs from the celebrations of the All Saints Day both - during the day and at night. This is a typical cemetery in a typical environment, so that people who are not familiar with All Saints' celebration could see how Poles celebrate this unique day.

November 1st is a holiday. This is the day with the worst traffic on the streets especially these who are next to the cemeteries and with the highest traffic eveywhere on the roads all through Poland. People travel to remember all family members who are gone, there is also a special guard in that day next to the graves of soldiers and other national heroes. As one can see - plenty of candles, flowers and especially beautiful chrysantemum are on every graves even on the graves which are anonymous.

Read about All Saints' Day and about Folk Traditions of All Souls ("Zaduszki" in Polish) and Dziady.

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, photos done by Sabina Garncarz, article #335

I recommend two books: one written by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab (Illustrator). It is entitled Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore

I recommend also a book written by F. C. Anstruther, J. Sekalski, F. C. Anstrother (Editor), entitled:
Old Polish Legends

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