Kwasniewski-Bush State Dinner - Photographs

July 17,2002


President G.W.Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush; his Excellency Aleksander Kwasniewski - President of the Republic of Poland and Mrx. Jolanta Kwasniewska

The playing of the Polish and American national anthems.
President Bush has his hand over his heart and everyone is at attention.
Executive Office Building is in the background.

US Marine Band in formation

National flags honor guard

Executive Office Building: Next to and incorported into the security perimeter of the White House. This is where the visiting dignitaries stay in secure, luxurious surroundings, including Pres. Kwasniewski

US Revolutionary War troops in musical review

Presidents/First Ladies on balcony of White House bidding farewell to the audience
after the conclusion of the welcoming ceremonies

This was just the second state dinner of George Bush Jr. 18-month administration; the first was in honor of Mexican President Vicente Fox.
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Text and photographs done Richard P. Poremski, contact the author by e-mail

I recommend also the guidebook below
The Rough Guide to Poland
by Mark Salter, Jonathan Bousfield


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