Interview with Marianna Dembinska about Italian Wines, Architecture & Polish Aristocracy

From Italian Soil to Polish

Interview with Marianna Dembinska - the expert on Italian wine and the author of the newly published autobiographical book entitled: Good for you or the almost truthful biography of a real Polish aristocrat with an international career (Polish title: "Tobie to dobrze - czyli biografia (prawie) prawdziwa polskiej arystokratki robiacej miedzynarodowa kariere")

  • How did you start your career in the wine industry in Italy?

    Marianna Dembinska (MD): I don’t know, maybe this was just a wonderful accident; on the other hand, nothing happens just by accident. I was hired by an Italian wine company as a director of sales, thanks to my earlier experience in international commerce and my proficiency in some foreign languages.
    When I got this job my knowledge about wines was very limited. I believe that the first client who signed a contract with me did it probably because of sympathy mixed with mercy. Since I did not really want to be dependent on somebody’s else’s knowledge, I just started reading books about wines, attending wine tastings, traveling along the wine route , buying wine for my private collection. In that way I gained knowledge and experience that could help me later at my work.

  • You are also interested in architecture

    MD: Not just me, but my fiance, Roberto Casetta. He has a Ph.D. in architecture, and is an expert in the preservation of historical objects. He also likes interior decoration. In Poland we work for individual clients who would like to live in a unique house. We design the furniture, then Italian companies realize our projects, so that any furniture is unique, irreplaceable.
    My task is to find people who are interested in something exceptional. But not only this, I also teach Roberto the Polish language, you need to believe my word, this is really simple.
    Krakow is just Krakow; we go to Krakow (jedziemy do KRAKOWA), but we were in Krakow (bylismy w KRAKOWIE). Try to explain it to the foreigner! Now I am using a routine answer: It is so, because IT IS SO, that's it!

  • You travel a lot?

    MD: Yes, actually I am living with suitcases in my hands, but every trip is a memorable experience for a simple reason. I am a bit absentminded (more that the "average" person) and I do not have any sense of direction.
    So, it happened to me that I was in a wedding dressed in a sleeping robe, or I flooded a hotel and… I just remembered, I went to the birthday of my boyfriend (not "ex" yet) in California in the same airplane as his present girl-friend did!

  • And you are writing a book about it...

    MD: My adventures always amused my friends - and my enemies - they often told me I should write a book. Their wish is a command for me, so I did!
    In February I signed a contract to publish my book ("Good for you or the almost truthful biography of a real Polish aristocrat with an international career" – Polish title: "Tobie to dobrze -czyli biografia (prawie) prawdziwa polskiej arystokratki robiacej miedzynarodowa kariere") with one of the most prestigious Polish publisher house - "K2Lider" The book will be ready in June, 2005.

  • So, we have a book about you…

    MD: Yes, but this autobiography was written in a light way, a bit ironic, in a style of "Bridget Jones." Any difference? My adventures really happened, unfortunately. I think, I can say that the book is dynamic, it entertains, amuses, but also discovers a magic world of wines. The book's characters are my friends - mentioned in the book are among others: ex Miss Polonia, famous TV personality who came with me to Italy and made four episodes of a program about wine, cuisine, and traditions with my help.
    One more thing: I hope that my book helps to "rehabilitate" girls from "the East" who try to have a so-called career, because nobody talks about us in such a way and it seems that we do not exist.

  • Do you also talk in your book about your family? About the traditions given to countess Dembinska?

    MD: Of course I do! How one can write an autobiography overlooking the family. I think that this book would show that in the whole broad meaning of the abnormality we are a very typical family (laughter).

  • Thank you for the conversation.

    MD: I thank you also very much.

    Translated by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn and Nancy J. Maciolek

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