Wawel Dragon in Children Plays and on the Street Bazaars

The Wawel dragon (smok Wawelski) is the most famous beast in Poland. It is rooted in Krakow`s tradition and culture and is well known to every Polish child. The dragon symbol can be find on the streets, in schools, offices, radio and TV stations, literature and theatre, advertisements and commercials. Wawel dragon is not the only dragon known in Poland, Warsaw has its own dragon called Bazyliszek.

Read the legend of the Krakow dragon and see wonderful pictures from Dragon Parade.

See the photographs (below) from the Krakow's kindergarden where children are staging the play about King Krak, shoemaker Skuba and the Wawel Dragon

the dragon is lying on the floor in front of the cave (on the photograph above). But there is an action... on the photograph below one can see the dragon (which does not really look that horrifying) devouring the sheep

See also the dragon mascots (smoczki) available on the street bazaars in the center of Krakow

The word smoczek means the small dragon, it also means a baby pacifier in Polish. Sometimes one can buy a toy which has a small dragon on it but can be used as a pacifier (since both are "smoczek").

Check Polish legends, see children activities and games in Poland and also the articles and websites devoted to Krakow.

text and photographs by Jerzy. There is more information about Krakow's dragon in Jerzy's website

I recommend a book written by F. C. Anstruther, J. Sekalski, F. C. Anstrother (Editor), entitled:
Old Polish Legends


Polish Fables: Bilingual
, by Ignacy Krasicki, Gerard T. Kapolka (Translator), Barbara Swiozinska (Illustrator)


The Trumpeter of Krakow, by Janina Domanska (Illustrator), Eric P. Kelly (Author)

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