The Frenzy of Ecstasy - Famous Painting by Podkowinski - Jigsaw Puzzle

This famous painting showing crazed naked woman riding a wild horse caused a big controversy and a scandal in Warsaw art salons in its time (1894)
when psychoanalysis was in its beginnings
It brought crowds of spectators but also lots of critique.
The exhibition lasted only 36 days because Podkowinski brought a knife on the 37th day and tried to destroy his work, especially damaging the figure of the woman. The cause of his behavior had not been completely clarified. When Podkowinski painted it he was already in the last stages of tuberculosis, he died one year later in the age of 29.

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I recommend the wonderful large format book devoted to Polish art, culture and history - it contains over 600 pictures of the best work of Polish artists - among them the copy of presented here painting.

Poland: Nation and Art, by M.&B. Suchodolski

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