The Short History of Polish Culture Website, Forum & Newsletter

Some of our visitors asked me to write down a short history of Polish Culture Website and Forum. Here it is!

Our website and the forum are in the new location since 2005. Please check our NEW POLISH CULTURE FORUM, that is replacing Polish Culture Forum at BellaOnline - November 05.

Now our website is independent from any corporate body. It is run by Jaga with a help of other volunteers. Please, spread the word about our website with your friends. If you search google ( under POLISH CULTURE, we are the first again, just like we were when we were with BellaOnline. We have about 500 articles devoted to Polish culture, traditions, travel, food, politics, games. We were running successfully the sweepstakes. Please, check all articles which are arranged thematically from our SITE MAP. We do not have any corporate sponsorship or any ties with Polish or American government, we are just volunteers!

so our official name now is:

Jaga Polish Culture Site

Polish Culture Forum

JOIN US IN THE FORUM. We have devoted group of visitors from different countries, especially from Poland, Great Britain, Netherlands and of course from the USA and Canada. If you have any questions related to the genealogy problems or anything else, ask please in the forum.

Please resubscribe to the newsletter at PolishSite. Please, join us again!

You can also check the Polish part of the PolishSite and also the main PolishSite with all the links to different subsites.

below is a bit about our history with Bella:

BellaOnline as a company was launched in Fall 1999 in California. The aim was to promote women on the web and also have some profit.

Our Polish Culture website and forum were launched by me in August 2000. Here below is how it happened:


One of the BellaOnline hosts posted the message in one of the Polish discussion boards that the host for Polish Culture is needed. This was just a couple of months after I gave birth to our baby daughter - Ela. In that time I did not work outside of the home and I thought that the work in BellaOnline would give me some necessary break from being with the baby and more intellectual stimulus. I thought that I am well qualified for this work since I was working as a tour guide in Poland during the weekends and vacations and had a broad humanistic background inherited after my parents, although I am educated in sciences. I was hoping that it would give us some extra income, which never really realized, especially after the crash in dot-com industry. This was also a downfall for BellaOnline which went bankrupt in fall 2001. In the early December 2001 websites and the forums, which originally were a part of Delphi forum and Prosper Technologies were completely shut down without any warning.

Lisa Shea, who is a current BellaOnline owner was able to regain a control of BellaOnline and made it alive almost since scratch in February 2001. I, as a Polish Culture host and all the other hosts had to reconstruct the content of the sites basing on the internet archives and our own backup since we lost all the content. Thanks to Lisa's hard work - the address of Polish site as well as the addresses of all the other BellaOnline sites did not change since 2001, in spite of the fact that our content was moved several times to new servers in order to deal with continuously growing traffic on BellaOnline sites. The traffic for January 2005 in Polish Culture Site, without taking into account the traffic in the forum and the newsletters, exceeded 160 thousands hits. Thanks to you we are one of the most popular websites devoted to Poland on the internet!


The Polish Culture Forum is the same old as the website. First it was created as a part of BellaForums run by Prospero. After the crash in Fall 2001 Bella forums were closed but could be re-created as a part of regular Delphi forums. Our Polish forum was always very active but needed the constant care of the moderator. Since I started working outside of the home in Fall 2001 I had less and less time to keep the forum running. Eventually we had a co-host and the forum profile widened its audience embracing Eastern European countries in general, its name also changed from Polish Culture to Eastern European Culture.
The Delphi forums were initially free of charge, eventually Delphi started charging for hosting the forums and the fees were growing with each year, so I decided to move to the forum structure which was available to our BellaOnline hosts as a part of BellaOnline in September 2003. Recently (January 2005) BellaOnline forum were moved to a different server since we grow so fast! The amount of posts in the Polish Culture forum just since the fall 2003 nears sixteen thousands posts in over twenty six hundreds threads. Please, visit the old BellaOnline Polish forum which was the most popular forum in BellaOnline and our NEW FORUM. The format of both forums is similar and the registration is quite simple.


The first Polish Culture Newsletter was sent in November 2002 to our first 60 and something subscribers. Since that time the newsletters are sent 1-2 times per month and we have over eleven hundred subscribers (February 05). Some of the newsletters were posted at Bellaonline. Please resubscribe to the newsletter at PolishSite. Please, join us again!

BellaOnline is run by hosts who are volunteers, our new site and forum are also run by us in our free time, we do not have any rich sponsors, the advertisements pay for server fees etc. We enjoy what we are doing but we have a limited free time since both of us - Jaga and Nancy have regular jobs. The amazon links give us also some help, so of you want to purchase the book - do it through our links, even if you do not order exactly the books which we recommend. If you have any question, please try to post it first through the forums, we receive hundreds of questions and it is not easy to answer all questions individually, although we try to make everybody satisfied and do not ignore anymore. If your question is of personal matter you can contact us by e-mail:

e-mail Jaga at & Nancy at

by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, (article #261), November2005

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