Olympic Bronze Medallists II - Polish Sport Athens 2004

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In the article below we will present the 5 Polish bronze medallists.

Agata Wrobel repeated her success from Sydney, 2000, proving that she is the strongest European woman. She was third behind the strongest woman of the world, Gonghong Tang from China, see here picture, and behind Jang Mi Ran from South Korea.

Agata's life was not easy. She was born in 1981 as a ninth member in a poor farmer's family near Zywiec in Polish mountain region. Agata did not have any friends at school, she was ridiculed because of being always big and heavy. Still - her strength was noticed at school and she was encouraged to start training. This was the easy part - soon after starting professional training she was winning medals at serious competitions. She also graduated with a diploma in gardening. Agata received a silver medal in Sydney with 295 kg and bronze in Athens with 290 kg.

Anna Rogowska and Monika Pyrek were the authors of a nice surprise in women's pole vault since they unexpectedly got 3rd and 4th places. The final was won by Yelena Isinbayeva from Russia. Anna's Rogowska's trainer and fiance, Jacek Torlinski gave her a big hug. Here is the website of Anna Rogowska with some pictures from the Athens competition.
By the way, Polish men vault has a long and successful history with many world records especially in late 70-es and early 80-es.

Sylwia Gruchala won a bronze medal in fencing - Women's Individual Foil. She won her last battle with Aida Mohamed from Hungary for bronze quite easily. But Sylvia was very close to the gold. Her fight with Valentina Vezzali from Italy, a golden medallist in Athens and Sydney and a triple world champion, was very close. It ended with the result: 14:13. Sylvia was winning this battle for a while!
Polish women have a long tradition in fencing. The women team received a silver medal in fencing in Sydney, four years ago (read more about it in the article: Sydney - Olympic Medals - fencing.

Aneta Pastuszka and Beata Sokolowska-Kulesza took the bronze medal, as they did in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in the women's K2 canoeing 500 metres. This was a bit of the comfort for Aneta Pastuszka who was disqualified from a single women's K2 canoeing 500 meters because her canoe… was 15 g too light!

Mateusz Kusznierewicz won a bronze medal in Men's Single-handed Dinghy (Finn) class. Kusznierewicz won a gold eight years ago in Atlanta, he was fourth - in Sydney. Check his website with several pictures.

Unfortunately Poles disappointed in many sport disciplines where they were succesful in the past - like judo, box, wrestling, pentathlon many athletic disciplines, wrestling, rowing and canoeing, shooting etc.

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn (article #254)

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