Teaching Polish Language to Children Abroad, Polish Movies, Books & Games

It depends of course where you live, if you live in the area where there is significant Polish minority - like Chicago - you may be able to send a kid even to a Polish language school. If you live in Germany - you may visit Poland during the weekends since it is so close and children will learn Polish automatically. They will be more motivated to know it since they would spend more time in Poland. But what if you live in the area where there is not any significant Polish minority like where I live in Idaho.

How good you can teach your child speak Polish also depends on how many people around you speak Polish. If you and your spouse speak Polish - it is easier to make a child bilingual than if only one of you or nobody speaks Polish. If you are able to send a child to Poland regularly for long vacations to a family - this also helps to preserve a language.

There are also some books through Amazon, which are quite cheap and useful:
*Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Polish Dictionary: English-Polish/Polish-English*

Check the review of this book: Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Polish Dictionary - Highly recommended

and something to read children before they go to sleep:

Polish Fables: Bilingual, by Ignacy Krasicki, Gerard T. Kapolka (Translator), Barbara Swiozinska (Illustrator)

Ignacy Krasinski fables belong to a Polish classic

Recently I bought a couple of DVDs for my 4.5 years old daughter during my stay in Poland. some DVDs are incompatible with European region, they have so called "regional lock", but even some American DVD players will be able to play it. We do have one DVD player which plays DVD with locks without problem.

You may also purchase DVD and VCR with movies or CDs and tapes with songs for children. POLART has the whole directory devoted to the children. Check for DVD and VCR with dialogues in Polish. These films are on American system, so if you live in the USA you would not have any problem to run it. I bought VCR with "Pyza" (Wedrowki Pyzy) - this is an old Polish movie from the beginning of 70-es and my daughter really likes it since it shows so much regional Polish stuff (Polish folk songs, folk costumes, Polish gingerbread, Polish mountaineers).

There are also some software programs available on Amazon for children and adults. Check:

Vocabulary Builder - Learn Polish: for Children 4 & up


World Talk - Learn Polish: Intermediate Level

Polish TV is available via Satelite - for instance Dish network offers several packages, the most basic consist of TVN-24 (news channel) & the TV Polsat International. Recently they have a promotion of Polskie Kino (Polish cinema) - which offers not only Polish old movies and documentary but also children programming, especially during weekend.

Check also the offers of TV Polonia, which offers Polish films and news in the USA and other places abroad. TV Polonia is also available on the internet for some small fee.

Not only TV but also radio is available FREE by use of the internet. Check a selection of Polish mass media from MediaPoland list. They have a selection of television channels and Polish radio or Polonia radio programming. Check even more selection available from our Polish Culture Mass Media Link Website.

Some Polish word games are also available on the internet. They work the best if you have a fast internet connection because it takes a while to download them. They may be useful for children and adults who are trying to learn Polish language. Here is a selection:
  • Polish letters - u and o
  • Occupations (baker, singer) in Polish
  • Polish nouns
  • Polish verbs
  • The parts of wardrobe in Polish
  • What he/she is doing( activities)?
  • pronoun (zaimek) - mine, yours, ours
  • Christmas game - put a right Polish word under the right picture
  • what are we doing in summer? (summer activities)

    - this website has many more games I'm just listing few.

    I hope this helped a bit. Maybe you would like to share with us your best way to teach children Polish? Please contact us in the forum (link above and on the right side) or e-mail me.

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