The most Important Events of 2004 in Poland


  • Joining European Union

    - there was a big joy but also some skepticism on May 1st when Poland joined the EU with several other mainly East and Central European countries.
    Read more about it in the series of articles Poland versus European Union.

    In the present time it seems that the fears of skeptics were exaggerated since Polish farming instead of losing in competition with Western European subsidized farming … gained after joining the EU because Polish food products are just much cheaper than Western European. We discussed it in the article Polish Agriculture (Farming) and European Union (III). the most present developments were also discussed in the forum: Polish farmers are gaining after joining EU.

    Eastern European currencies together with Polish zloty gained their value during the last year: Polish zloty was the world's best-performing currency this year, gaining 16 percent against the euro and 25 percent against the dollar - according to Houston Chronicle.

  • Death of Polish soldiers, journalists and civilians in Iraq

    - Poland lost 16 soldiers since it deployed troops to central Iraq. Just in December 2004 three Polish soldiers were killed in the chopper crash. Also two journalists, among them a very popular Waldemar Milewicz were killed in Iraq.

    Read more about it in the article Polish Military Zone in Iraq. Support to the presence of Polish military contingent in Iraq among Poles is gradually diminishing, majority of Poles are against it.

  • Polish successes in the Olympic games in Athens

    - two very successful sport figures - Otylia Jedrzejczak in swimming and Robert Korzeniowski became the celebrities in Poland. But the overall performance of the Polish team was the worst in the history of Olympic games.
    Here are some articles about Golden and Silver Medallists and Bronze medallists from Athens, 2004, Olympic games and the most recent article about Poles in Olympic Games - Medals Count - Athens 2004. More articles with details from the last Olympic Games will follow.

  • Corruption affairs

    - so called Rywingate, read more about it in the forum article Bribery probe in a case of a Polish filmmaker and Polish prime minister cleared in the bribery scandal. Lew Rywin co-produced Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List".

    The most recent corrupton affair is related to the Polish petroleum industry and the company "Orlen". Read more about it Polish oil company dismisses its CEO .

    The interest in corruption affairs among Poles is lower than expected from the volume of information about it available in the newspapers and the other mass media.

  • Collapse of the government with the prime minister - Leszek Miller

    - read about Miller to announce his resignation, but not until after EU accession.

  • Death of the Polish Nobel Laureate, émigré poet- Czeslaw Milosz.

    - read more about it in the article POLAND'S Nobel Laureate Milosz Dies.

    Unfortunately some people and organizations were protesting against Milosz's funeral and burial in the famous Church on the Rock (Na Skalce) next to some other Polish celebrities. Read more about it in protesting Czeslav Milosz.

    Among the international events, the most important for Poles were: terroristic attack at the school in Beslan, Russia; Tsunami in Asia; Ukraine - orange revolution; EU expansion and the terrorist attack in Spain. - nothing about American elections! Probably because the elections did not cause any major change in American government.

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