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What to do in Warsaw? What to visit during the one day trip? Where to stay, where and what to eat and drink? These and much more questions are answered in a beautifully illustrated guide of Warsaw from the series: Warsaw - Eyewitness Travel Guides.

It is hard to imagine how the publishers could store so much information, beautiful photographs and maps in this relatively small and practical book size:
Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 8.73 x 5.15

The book not only have more than 800 full-color photographs and maps, but it is very easy to use with sections highlighted by different colors.

The Introductory section (unmarked) contains basic historical facts about Warsaw, information about major attractions - museums, galleries, churches, palaces, gardens, old town, famous residents, Vistula river and even cemeteries at glance as well as the general information about the weather.

The first marked section, in purple semicircle, starts the Area by Area guide with the exploration of the Old Town. It contains street by street guide with the beautiful picture map as well as detailed guides of Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski), Old Town Market Square, St. John Cathedral and more. The detailed guides of selected objects are wonderfully illustrated and explained. Each guide extends into two consecutive pages.

For instance the guide about St. John Cathedral contains the schematic picture of the church in the center stretched over left and right page (page 76 and 77 in the newest 2003 edition). Additionally some historic and art objects which are located inside the church are showed and explained with the arrows pointing to the part of the church where they can be found.

The following marked sections present the New Town, Solidarity Avenue and around, the Royal Route, the surroundings of Marshall Street, the Former Jewish ghetto and Lazienki Park. The last section marked with green semicircle, since this is a green and recreation area of the town, presents Lazienki Park. It is followed by unmarked chapter with overview of afield trips among others a trip to Wilanow Palace and Powazki Catholic and Jewish Cemeteries. This section is followed by three guided tours (each tour a couple of hours long) along Warsaw.

The next two sections are marked with the colored band along the edge of the sites. The first one entitled Travellersí Needs helps to find a place to live, food to eat and place to be entertain. Therefore it is divided into hotels section, restaurants and bars sections and entertainment. The bar section has even photographs of Polish vodka and bier bottles with the explanations how every type of alcoholic drink taste!

The last part of the guide-book is entitled Survival Guide. It contains practical information about Poland and Warsaw - whow to find tourist information, opening hours of businesses and museums, security and health (even the policemen uniforms and cars are showed). It is followed by a help guide to Polish currency: coins and banknotes (with pictures) with explanation how to exchange the money and cash the traveler checks as well as the guide to communication and travelling media and services.

It is followed by Street finder index, maps of all Warsaw districts, general index, phrase book and the key to main symbols.

This book will save you time and energy, you do not need really to read it before your trip to Warsaw, just keep it with you all the time dyring your stay in Warsaw. All you need to know about Warsaw in the nutshell, wonderful pictures, easy to find sections. I donít think this book requires anymore advertisement. It speaks by itself. I am very glad to have it!
The guide is updated almost every year with a new edition.
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Eyewitness Travel Guide to Warsaw
by Magorzata Omilanowska (Editor), Jerzy S. Majewski, Deni Bown

© by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, August 17, 2004 (article #211)

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