The Storks (Bociany) by Chelmonski - Jigsaw Puzzle

Jozef Chelmonski (1849-1914) was a famous Polish painter. He was especially brilliant in catching a nature - his portraits of peasants, countryside landscape and nature are masterpieces. The puzzle below presents his picture - "The Storks" (in Polish Bociany). It was painted in 1900.
Poland has the highest populations of storks - the quarter of all world population of storks (40,000 from 160,000 worldwide) reside in Poland in summer and have their nests there. Storks are under a full protection of law. Poles love storks and protect their nests - since they bring good luck and... babies, according to the folk beliefs. Check more information about bociany (storks) and travel to Poland.
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If you need a help how to solve the puzzle check a help which is included in anotehr jigsaw puzzle with Prussian Homage - famous Polish picture by Jan Matejko.

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