Polish Paper Doll from Krakow-Zalipie Region - dress her up!

Click a link below to dress a Polish paper doll from a region of Zalipie. Zalipie is a village North West of Tarnów - in Kraków province.
- rightclick with the mouse at any part of the clothing and move it by holding the mouse

Virtual Polish Paper Doll from Kraków-Zalipie - Dress Her Up!

Compare this dress with the dress of a dancing couple from Zalipie- here is the same dress under higher magnification - from the folk festival - see a selection of photos of dancing groups in folk costumes from different regions.
Read about Traditions of the Colorful Zalipie.

Dress Gipsy Doll.
Check selection of articles about Polish folk costumes.

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I recommend

Polish customs' book written by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab (Illustrator). It is entitled Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore

and also

Polish Weddings Customs & Traditions by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

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