Martha Stewart and Polish Easter Traditions

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Our Polish Easter Traditions

I am happy when I hear that someone is still cherishing some of the old traditions as Babci did. Many churches have started to bless food on Holy Saturday, even if the priest and congregation are not Polish. For years our Irish priests at my parish have done this for the handful of Polish parishioners who still bring their basket of eggs, ham , kielbasa, babka, lamb butter and other traditional foods to the Church on Holy Saturday.
I was overjoyed to read Martha Stewart's ‘remembering ‘ column on the last page of her magazine - Martha Stewart Living where she tells of her childhood so very rich in Polish traditions. I loved to read her description of Holy week in Nutley NJ where her family took part in the Polish Parish of Mount Carmel. She tells of their participation in the entire triduum as well as the many Polish family customs they observed.
I enjoyed reading about Martha's Mother, Martha making big bowls of fragrant yeast dough for Easter babka as well as her Dad getting the polish ham and kielbasas, she relates how she grated the horseradish that they mixed with beets much the same as we do. She even talks of attending Stations of the Cross.
She tells in the same article in this national magazine how the priest, Father Francis Czechowski would come to bless the Easter food on Holy Saturday and all of the other Polish family events they had surrounding the holiday that is dear to so many Poles. I was certainly very pleased that Martha Stewart is so proud of her Polish heritage and glad that she would devote of her main personal column in her very popular magazine to her memories of growing up Polish. Szczescile (good luck) Martha and Sto Lat!

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