A Living History of Marie Curie

MANYA: A Living History of Marie Curie
One-woman play by Susan Marie Frontczak
Saturday, April 17 at 8 p.m. - Fermilab's Ramsey Auditorium
7 p.m. - Panel Discussion on Women In Science with Fermilab Scientists
Debbie Harris, Anna Pla, Vivian O'Dell & Heidi Schellman,
Moderated by Marge Bardeen - Free with your ticket to performance - Room One West
Tickets - $15 ($8 for ages 18 and under)

What does the phrase "persistence in the face of obstacles" mean to you?
Imagine: You are not allowed to speak your language. Your home country forbids you to attend university. You have no money to attend college elsewhere. What are your chances for success? In spite of these and other adversities, Marie Curie was the first woman to receive a doctorate in the sciences in Europe, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, the first person to receive a second Nobel Prize, and the first woman to teach at the Sorbonne in its 600 year history. Audiences re-live the uncanny collaboration between husband and wife, Pierre and Marie, companion scientists, who worked with the medical community to establish the first successful radiation treatments of cancer. Furthermore as a single mother Marie raised her two daughters from the ages of 16 months and 8 years after the tragic death of her husband.

Meet the woman behind famous scientist Madame Marie Curie, discoverer of radium and radioactivity, as portrayed by author and actress Susan Marie Frontczak. Frontczak has given over 40 performances as Marie Curie at universities, theaters, and conferences since its debut in 2001. Whether looking at Marie within her historical context or through the lens of a new millennium, this is a life that challenges our assumptions about what one person can achieve and the responsibilities of science.

Tickets for Manya ($15/$8 for ages 18 and under) are available now. For further information or telephone reservations, call 630/840-ARTS (2787) weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. At other times an answering machine will give you information and a means of placing ticket orders. Ramsey Auditorium is located in Wilson Hall, the central building of Fermilab. Wilson Hall, a high-rise, is visible from the lab entrance from the west on Kirk Road at Pine Street. At this time, only the Pine Street entrance is open. Our address is simply Kirk Road at Pine Street, Batavia, IL 60510. If you would like to mail in a check for tickets, make it payable to Fermilab, P.O. Box 500, MS 111, Batavia, IL 60510. For more information check out our web site at www.fnal.gov/culture.
Note to Educators: This event is eligible for teacher credit through our Education Dept. (630/840.3092)

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I recommend two biographies of Maria Curie-Sklodowska. The first one was written by her daughter, Eva:
Madame Curie: A Biography
by Eve Curie, Vincent Sheean (Translator), Eve Curie Labouisse, Translated by Vincent Sheean

Marie Curie: A Life (Radcliffe Biography Series)
by Susan Quinn

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