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Let me start with a selection of articles about Polish folk costumes in Polish Culture site:

  • Polish Folk Costumes in different Regions of Poland - Past & Present .
  • Polish Mountaineers - Folk Costumes, Tradition and History.
  • selection of articles about Polish folk costumes.
  • We also wrote about traditions in Silesia with a picture of miners in their celebrational uniforms.
  • Check Polish Folk Costumes - Internet Stores and Portals if you would like to purchase any of the costumes.

    Resources in English

  • NEW SITE! EasternEuropeanArt.Com - offers a selection of folk art, cosyumes, textiles, dolls, embroidery from all over Easter Europe - Poland including.
  • InfoPoland - folk costumes - offers links to websites in English with Polish costumes.

  • Images of folk-costumes from 36 different regions and locations in Poland from a Polish store "Perfect" - we wrote about this store in the article about Stores and Portals. It contains an interactive map - click on the map the you would see costumes from the selected region. See beautiful pictures from dance festival and much more - over 500 images!

  • Majka's Polish folk Resources - links to Polish folk resources.
  • Links to Folk and Dance Costume Books from Polish Art Center

    Beautiful folk dress (called zapaska) from Opoczno region

    Resources in Polish

    - some of the Polish sources contain beautiful photographs and historical and cultural description of costumes - but in Polish only.

  • Ethnographic Museum in Krakow - mainpage. Check costumes from different regions of Poland- very good historical introduction with some pictures.

  • Polskie Stroje Ludowe (Polish folk costumes) from Biesiada - wonderful selection of Polish costumes with lots of information. It consist of several pages with costumes for many regions in Poland - press the arrow to move to the next page. The last page contains a selection of all Polish folk costumes.

  • Gallery of the dance group in Nowa Huta. Here are the folk costumes from Nowy Sacz which is a part of the mountaineers region.

  • Gallery of folk dance group - Slowianki from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Links to different regions of Poland and abroad (on the left) - press it to see the photos from the selected region.

  • Silesia - folklor and costumes - from a district near Katowice - called Dabrowka Mala - now it is a part of Katowice - a center of Upper Silesia.

  • Check the selection of historical military Polish costumes, which are available quite cheap! Check also links to stores and information about folk, military and historical costumes.

    Dress up a Polish paper doll and a gipsy doll.

    written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, March 26, 2004 (article #176)

    Below are links to books about Polish customs and traditions:

    Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore written by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab (Illustrator)

    Polish Weddings Customs & Traditions by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

    Singing Back The Sun: A Dictionary of Old Polish Customs and Beliefs
    by Okana

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