Polish Food - Paczki (pounchki, punchki) Recipe

You will find here the recipe for the most delicious Paczki. But one have to remember, the best pounchki are from a bakery. It is hard to obtain such dough quality (very soft) by doing it at home. The most famous are pounchki with the filling from rose marmalade. The marmalade is done from the crushed pellets or buds of roses with sugar. Only certain types of roses are suitable for it. Please read about Fat Tuesday and Thursday foods and celebrations which precedes this article.

The pounchki photograph below is from Hanka Sawka cookbook

For about 40 pounchki
Time of preparation: 3 hours

1 kg of flower (about 2 lbs.)
100 g of yeast
6 egg yolks
500 ml of milk
100 g of sugar
1 whole egg
50 ml of vodka or rum
1 lemon
100 g of butter
salt for taste

250 g powdered sugar
3-4 tablespoons of water
juice from one squeezed lemon

400 g of rose marmalade; if rose is unavailable you can use marmelade from cherries, plumbs or peaches
sliced and baked orange skin


  • Squash yeast with 1 tablespoon of sugar, 200 g of flour and 150 ml of milk. Leave in warm place for an hour.
  • When the yeast dough grow add egg yolk mixed with a whole egg and sugar, a rest of milk and flour, lemon juice and a lemon skin, alcohol, crushed vanilla and salt for taste. Knead a dough until it will change a consistency - it will be shiny and it will start detach from the hand. Add melted and cooled butter to the dough and knead again until it is homogenous. Leave in a warm place to rise.
  • Shape round cakes (pounchki) in a following way. Grab about 40 g of dough with a spoon, with greasy hands form pellets, in the center of a pellet place a half of a teaspoon of dried marmalade and seal up the dough (pressing the edges together) so that the marmalade will be covered up with a dough completely. Place the round cakes (with a sealed part to the bottom) into the molding board poured with flour so that the cakes do not touch each other. Cover with a towel and leave in a warm place to rise.
  • After the pounchki rise, heat up the lard on a frying pan, add some dough to test whether lard is hot enough. If the dough would darken that means that lard is hot enough. Cover and fry on medium heat, a few at a time, with sealed part to the bottom and so that they will not touch each other. Do not heat the lard so much that the dough will burn. After pounchki will darken turn to the other side and fry this time without a cover. Then dry on paper towels.
  • Prepare icing from powdered sugar, hot water and a juice from lemon. If it is too dense add more water. Pour the icing onto the pounchki when they will cool down a bit. Pour also some sliced orange skin. Instead of icing the pounchki can be covered with powdered sugar.

If pounchki are too difficult to prepare try Chrusciki (Chruschiki) or Faworki.

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Good Appetite (Smacznego)! Pounchki are not easy to prepare. Majority of Poles buy it in the stores rather than prepare in their own kitchens.

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