Gypsies in Eastern Europe - Dress up Gypsy Paper Doll

Gipsies became a part of the landscape in Eastern and Central Europe - especially in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. In Poland there are about 50,000 gipsies but in Romania about a million. Roma's population all around Europe is estimated at 10 mln. Gypsies in Poland were known under the name Cyganie but recently the politically-correct name for gypsies is Roma.
Gypsies are famous from their nomadic lifestyle, beautiful music, tradition and beautiful dresses. They were also an object of persecution - for instance during the World War II.

Click a link below to dress a gipsy paper doll (rightclick with the mouse at any part of the clothing and move it by holding the mouse)

Virtual Gypsy Paper Doll - Dress Her Up!

Dress up also a Polish doll from Krakow-Zalipie region

Listen to a beautiful and enchanting gypsy music in our picks below:

Gypsy Music From Hungary & Romania

Heart of a Gypsy

Legends of Gypsy Flamenco

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