Prussian Homage by Matejko - jigsaw puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is a famous picture of Jan Matejko "Prussian Homage" (Hold Pruski) from 1882.
Prussian Homage as a historical event took place in 1525, Matejko painted it at the end of XIX century when Poland did not exist as an independent country for "encouragement of hearts".
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How does the puzzle work? Quite simple. The pieces of the puzzles will move along with the mouse. Try different versions of the puzzle - you can see it in many different shapes - like Euro or American states - (under option "shapes").
You can even move it automatically by pressing "solve" at the right site of the screen. If you have any troubles just contact me. Hope you would have a good time!
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I recommend the wonderful large format book devoted to Polish art, culture and history - it contains over 600 pictures of the best work of Polish artists - among them the copy of presented here painting.

Poland: Nation and Art, by M.&B. Suchodolski

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