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There are just few websites containing information about Polish folk costumes, especially in English. I found only a couple of stores which offer regional folk costumes for sale. Since the information in English is often limited but there are also some Polish sources available with beautiful photographs and description (unfortunately in Polish) I also included some of these sources knowing that some of you either know Polish to certain extent or at least know somebody who speak Polish. There are also some Polish-English translations available online, but many of them are or a poor quality (except dictionaries). Polish language and its grammar is just so complex!

Let me start with the stores. I found three internet stores which offer regional costumes for children and adults. Below are their addresses:

    ul. Cisowa 1
    30-229 Kraków, POLAND
    tel: (+48 12) 425-2794
    fax: (+48 12) 625-11-30
    email: perfekt@perfekt.krakow.pl
    - information available in Polish and English
    Typically, they make costumes from Kraków, the Tyniec and Bronowice types, in all sizes for men and women. These costumes are made very quickly. Other costumes are made to order only and the waiting time for them depends on quantity, region and complexity of the costumes (e.g. the number of embroideries). Usually, it takes from 2 up to 8 weeks.

  • Polish Folk Costumes "KUNDZIA"
    contact: Jaros?aw Wygnan'ski
    Podgórna 16
    86-200 Chelmno
    tel. (0-56) 676-02-92 oraz 0604 51-85-66
    email: stroje@stroje.pl
    information available in Polish, English and French
    The company has been performing folk costumes from every region in our country since 1986. They have been also doing handmade artistic embroideries. They also offer a variety of Dolls in folk costumes.

    Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno - Handlowe MINERWA
    ul. Bolesława Wstydliwego 12a
    PL 34-400 Nowy Targ
    Tel./fax +48 /18/ 264 86 42, +48 /18/ 266 34 82
    e-mail: biuro@minerwa.com.pl
    information available in Polish, English, German
    It offers mainly mountaineers costumes - not only from Tatra region but from Spisz, Orawa etc. It also offers a broad selection of hats.

Polish dolls in folk costumes are available in many places. Here are two of them - Polstore & PolArt


Above links to Polish Folk Stores and also to other aspects of folk art (museums, galleries, exhibitions, events etc) can be seen from Polish Folk Art Portal. Unfortunately all the information is available only in Polish.

There is also portal in English devoted to Polish art from Buffalo - Folk Arts and Customs . It contains links to websites with Polish art available both, in Polish or in English.

Check all the articles and links devoted to folk and military tradition and costumes.

Check the selection of historical military Polish costumes, which are available quite cheap! Check also internet resources about folk costumes and information about folk, military and historical costumes.

Dress up a Polish paper doll and a gipsy doll.

written by Jagoda Urban-Klaehn, November 6, 2003 (article #136)

If you would like to be familiar with Polish folk art check
Polish Wycinanki Designs by Frances Drwal

There is not that many books with Polish folk costumes available in Amazon.
Below is the only one I found :
A book written by Christopher Majka, Sheilagh Hunt entitled:

Polish Folk Costumes

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