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Polish Christmas carols called "koledy" are really unique. Some are known internationally. You can find them in any prayer books. Poles like their carols and they sign them at the Christmas tree - during Christmas Eve and at all the sermons until February 2nd which is finishing official Christmas season in Poland. Read more about Christmas timeframe entitled Christmas Timeframe, Advent and Temptations.


Christmas at St. Stanislaus
(Beloved Polish and English Carols)
St. Stanislaus Choir conducted by Michael Zabrocki

Polish-American Christmas Carols
by Richard Stroczynski, Danuta Wyszynski
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On the Christmas Day
Authentic Christmas Polish Carols from Poland

Lutoslawski: Twenty Polish Christmas Carols; Lacrimosa; Five Songs

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Koledy by Mazowsze, Slask
Polish Carols (Koledy) performed by two the most famous Polish Music/Dance Ensembles! Slask, Mazowsze

Carols performed by stars of Polish music scenes
renowned singers sing beautiful carols

12 Christmas carols performed by the Poznan Nightingales
This is my true favorite
beautiful performance, very gentle with lots of feeling

Koledy by Elzbieta Adamiak
Polish Carols performed by Elzbieta Adamiak, renowned singer

Golden Collection - discounted Golden Collection; Zlota Kolekcja
Koledy i Pastoralki, presented cover is not from this CD

Christmas Around the World arranged by Bradley Joseph, contains Polish carols too


Polish Carols by Polish Army Ensemble
Koledy Polskie By Polish Army Ensemble (2000)

Carols by Slask
Slask Spiewa Koledy Polskie (2000)


Treasured Polish Christmas Customs and Traditions
by Contoski, contains also Christmas recipes

Polish Wycinanki Designs
by Frances Drwal
this book contains beautiful Polish paper cut designs which can be useful for Christmas season
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Christmas in the Midwest, Essays, Stories & Cookie Recipes Including Scandinavian, Polish, German, Italian, Scottish, & Moravian Traditions
by Clarence Andrews

Polish Christmas carols are almost all anonymous, having been composed by the people. Their origins date from the fourteen century, many from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. W Zlobie Lezy, credited with originating in the fourteenth century, is considered the first Polonaise.
The Polish carol has an essentially folk song character, which makes it specifically national. The melodies are characteristically Polish - gay, tender, even humorous - typical of the Polish peasant or mountaineer. There is a native unconscious poetry about all of them. The Infant Jesus, poor and homeless, born in a stable surrounded by the familiar domestic animals, appeals to the heart and the imagination of all peoples.
Excerpt from PolishWorld

The carols which are not officially accepted by church (to sing during the service) but still popular and sing by people are called "pastoralki" from ("pasterz"="shepherd") meaning "shepherd song". They usually contain some legendary text that cannot be proved by scripture or they have frivolous character.

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Polish carols are being performed in the church starting with the Christmas Eve until February 2nd. Polish Christmas season is longer than everywhere else around the world! So you can still buy it and listen to it - even if Amazon would send it to you after Christmas Day! Read more about different types of carols at the bottom of the article, under the CD offers.

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Polish Christmas carols may be divided into three kinds - religious, legendary, and imaginative. The religious, among the most beautiful and profound in feeling of all Polish hymns, owe their origin to monks in cloisters. The legendary, based on the books of the Apocrypha, contain many legends and details for which strict historical truth cannot be assumed. Hence the Church did not accept them, but they appealed to the people who loved to sing of the many wonders, the adoring shepherds and the speaking animals. The third, or imaginative, owe their origin to people of humble birth, who in relating the story of the Nativity used familiar surroundings taken from their own homes. Thus Bethlehem became a Polish village and Jesus was born in Poland. These carols often contain merry dance rhythms like the Krakowiak and the Mazurka and are called "Shepherd's Carols".

Excerpt from PolishWorld

Christmas Tree Decorations from Poland

NEW! These beautiful decorations were done by the Zofia Tomasik, Polish artist-amator with a real talent. Zofia was born in Lvov before World War II in the times when Lvov still belonged to Poland. Her crafts decorate houses all around the world not only during Christmas and Easter seasons. Check beautiful Easter eggs done by Zofia. All decorations are done from very light materials, swan and stork are done by use of wydmuszka (empty drilled egg); other ornaments are done from beads, hollow pipes and glassy papers - they hang on golden threads. You can purchase these beautiful decorations, just e-mail to Bartek Boratyn. The shipment does not take longer than a week. All by hand!

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