Poles in Interracial Relationships

Poland is a very homogenous country - racially and ethnically. Almost all people living in Poland are Poles - white skinned, with hair colors from black, brown, ruddy to blondes and with the whole spectrum of shapes, sizes and characters.

We do have some minorities: Rusyns, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarussians, Germans but people belonging to other ethnic groups are indistinguishable from Poles by appearance except gipsies (Roma). We did have a significant Jewish population before the WW II but majority of Jewish people perished in Holocaust or left Poland to new born Israel soon after the war. These who stayed mingled so tightely with the Poles that they are indistinguishable either physically nor mentally from "pure" Poles, if anything like a "pure" Pole really exist which I doubt.

According to some racial studies, but nowadays any racial studies are politically incorrect, more than 40% of German population belongs to Nordic race and more than 30% of Poles. Poles are equally mixed with their Slavic brothers on the East and the South as with the Germans on the West.

Since Poles are surrounded by neighbors that looks like them, no wonder that people in Poland are not used to see folks of different races as much as for instance Americans.

This situation is slowly but gradually changing since more people from distant and exotic countries are coming to Poland to visit or study and much more Poles travel abroad. The boarders are not that sealed as during forty years of communism.

I was lucky to be exposed more than the average Pole to people that look differently. My family lived in an old town Krakow in the neighborhood of the so called "students' city". Look at some photographs of these students' houses done after the death of Polish pope, John Paul II. Students from many developing countries were studying in Krakow even during the communism. We had students from Africa, especially from the countries where the governments tried to develop good relationships with communistic Soviet-type countries. We also had some Arab students, especially the ones whose parents could not afford to send them to study to Western Europe and also Asians but mainly from Vietnam. Majority of these students were males.

Some Polish girls became involved with these guys, partly because of the curiosity, partly because they could charm better than their Polish equivalents. Unfortunately many of these relationships ended up with the child out of the wedlock or in a divorce. Polish girls were often unaware of the cultural differences and the role of the women in many muslim countries. The real trouble was ignited when the husbandís family wanted to keep the child but the Polish mother wanted to take a child back back to Poland. This was partly due to the fact that since we did not have any real immigrant families in Poland we as a society were barely aware of different than ours ways of life.

In the 80-es when the economical situation in Poland was very grim, many Poles wanted to escape our country, many dreamed about living abroad. Any foreign person especially from the West was seen as a representative of a free and rich world. This was a time when Jacek Zwozniak wrote a sad song Ragazza da Provincia (you can listen to fragments of this song ). This song talks about a typical situation - a girl had a romance or even one night stay with the exotic dark skinned guy, who arrived in a foreign car and could charm her by buying cheap gifts in the dollar store (sa called Pewex, read more about the dollar importance in Poland in the article Solidarity, Freedom and Economical Crisis in Poland). In that time many products, especially from import were unattainable to the average Pole. Eventuallly the girl was abused and humiliated and she lost chances to marry a local boy who was offering her a real love and also a trabi (a small car produced by Eastern Germany, see trabi picture).

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